Holding Hands


Post Corona Care is a non profit organization based in the Silicon Valley, California. We created this organization to positively impact the lives of recovered low-income patients of COVID-19 and help in any way that we can amidst these difficult times. Using the resources at our disposal, we have partnered with charitable clinics to direct these patients to affordable, comprehensive care.

For more information on how to send in a request, see local clinic request.


Our Team

Alisha S. - Operations

As the operational manager, I work on long-term planning and working with my team so that we can reach our goals and further expand our positive impact on the COVID-19 survivor community.


"I started Post Corona Care in the hopes that I can somehow help the many lives that are suffering from COVID-19 and are not receiving enough support."

Charuthi A.- Healthcare Coordination

As the healthcare coordinator, I connect charitable clinics and healthcare professionals to the patients in need. I work to ensure that both parties will work together as smoothly as possible.


"I have joined Post Corona Care to help those who will soon be out of hospitals, and unsure of their next steps."

Aditi S. - Technology

As the technology manager, I take care of our internet presence through the website. I handle interactions with incoming patients and remain in contact with them over the course of their journey with us. 

"I joined Post Corona Care to get off the sidelines and really make a difference in these difficult times."

Aaina D. - Marketing

As the marketing manager, I am responsible for our social media presence and curating PCC's online base. I manage and create content on PCC's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


"One of the things that matters to me most, is positively impacting my community through any means that I can, and being on the team for Post Corona Care gives me the perfect platform to do that."

Aaron M. - Outreach

As the outreach manager, I focus on finding low-income survivors who are in need of our help and the healthcare clinics across the country that have the resources to support our patients.


"With the hospital's being so busy helping COVID-19 patients, I really liked the idea of reducing this strain on them and decided to help run Post Corona Care."